Video » Shakira’s Hits Don’t Lie in This Fierce Video of the Athletic Star Playing Tennis

Her hips don’t lie, and neither do her hits! Shakira took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a video in which she shows off her tennis skills on a red clay court. The verdict? This star can hold her own.

In the clip, Shakira stands near the net while dressed in a pink tee, black shorts, and sneaker and hammers back volleys as her instructor feeds her balls and advises her on her form. First, the right-handed player takes volleys from her forehand side and brings back her arm to drill each ball crosscourt.

Next, she switches to a two-handed backhand volley and gets some serious speed on her shots while showing no fear of staying up close to the net. Between every shot, the dedicated player shuffles back to the center of the court to prepare for the next ball. “Working on my volley!!” she captioned the fierce video.


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