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Global Citizen festival
"By 2030, 800 million – that's half of the young people of the world – will drop out of school," Shakira warns at Hamburg, Germany fest.

Coldplay, Shakira, Pharrell Williams and more took part Thursday at the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, Germany, where world leaders (including Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin) are currently attending the G20 summit.

As per tradition, Chris Martin, the curator of the Global Citizen gigs, performed alongside some of the festival's guests, with Shakira joining Coldplay to sing two of her songs ("Chantaje," "Me Enamor?") as well as a pair of Coldplay hits ("Yellow," "A Sky Full of Stars").

"In the spirit of Global Citizen – which is about bringing everybody together, sometimes bringing people who shouldn't really fit together together – now we're gonna try something musical which could be a disaster or could be amazing," Martin told the crowd

Shakira also addressed the crowd during her own set to stress the importance of Global Citizen's work.

"By 2030, 800 million – that's half of the young people of the world – will drop out of school, or lack even the necessary skill for employment," Shakira said. "That's more than half of the next generation, and we can't afford that."

This November, Coldplay, Jay Z and Demi Lovato will take part in the first Global Citizen Festival in India.


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