Show business » Shakira promotes Spanish drink Cava in this year’s Christmas commercial of Freixenet

Cava Freixenet
The ‘Waka-Waka’ singer looks her sensual best in a Christmas commercial she taped for a Spanish sparkling wine company Freixenet on 20th November in Barcelona, Spain. She sports a gold metallic skirt and lookks gorgeous. The 33-year old singer who is known for her belly-dancing moves has shown her soft side by asking Freixenet to donate $660,000 to her charity in exchange of her work.

The Colombian singer says,”Education is a birthright and a quality education is the only tool that a child has to turns dreams into reality. Since I was a girl I have been been aware of the tough reality faced by many children.”The funds will be used to build two schools, one in Haiti and the other one in Colombia.

Freixenet is known for its Christmas commercials as it features some big celebrities every year. Oscar-winning US actress Liza Minnelli was the first to perform in a Freixenet Christmas advertisement, singing the theme song from her hit film “Cabaret” in 1977. An ageing Gene Kelly reprised “Singing in the Rain” in 1981, twirling his umbrella and clicking his heels as golden cava bubbles fell from the sky while Raquel Welch sang “I’m So Excited” in a see-through top in the spot that aired four years later.

Also the company will feature a videoclip of Shakira’s song “Sale el sol” as well as as a documentary about the singer’s philanthropic work. The 33-year-old Colombian singer also wore an all black ensemble while filming a segment where she sang and fake snow fell!

The advertisement is for cava, apopular Spanish drink. Well, girl kudos to the work you have done as this is the season of giving.

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