Private Life » Shakira and family got into the Halloween spirit

La familia Topo Gigio
The international superstar singer and her soccer player partner, Gerard Pique, dressed up for the holiday. And their two boys, Milan and Sasha, joined in the costume extravaganza.

What are they? Shakira tweeted out the pic and captioned it, "La Familia Topo GigioI!"

Topo Gigio was the lead character, a mouse, in a popular children's show on Italian and Spanish television in the early 1960s. Topo Gigio also appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Gerard Pique and Shakira dress up as Topo Gigio for bizarre family portrait

The footballer and singer posed with their two children for the picture

Never has the simple question 'What's going on here?' been more appropriate.

In literal terms, what you see in this picture is World Cup winning footballer Gerard Pique and his partner, international superstar singer Shakira, with their two children. They are sitting on a sofa dressed in pyjamas and have weird massive ear things on their heads. Pique does not look quite certain what is happening.

But, the question remains, what's going on here?

Well, it seems the Pique-Shakira family were simply getting into the spirit of Halloween. They are dressed as Topo Gigio, a popular Latin TV character. Or, as the story goes, 'the only mouse everyone wanted to cuddle'.

Shakira posted the `image` on her `social` media accounts along with the `message`: "La familia Topo Gigio!!"

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