Music » Shakira released her album “Las mujeres ya no lloran”
Las mujeres ya no lloran

The Colombian artist Shakira has released her new album, Las Mujeres No Ya Lloran, with 16 songs, many of them released exclusively this March 22. Among them, the lyrics of La Fuerte stand out, a song that the singer has once again dedicated to her former teammate, Gerard Piqué.

The song was made in collaboration with Bizarrap, with whom he already released his successful Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53, also dedicated to the former soccer player. Their breakup was most controversial due to rumors of infidelity on the part of Piqué.

After Te congratulations, TQG and her session with the Argentine producer, the artist has once again dedicated the lyrics of one of her songs to that stage of her life and, specifically, to her partner for 12 years.

"If I had known it was going to be the last time, I would have enjoyed you more, but I didn't take advantage of you. And because I believed it had no expiration date, I saved kisses for later. I was left wanting," are some of the verses from La Fuerte .

"I don't forget you no matter how apparent it is. I try to forget you. But this wolf gets the urge," the singer also expresses in her song, one of the 16 that make up the album that the Colombian has released seven years after her last album, El Dorado.

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