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New Music: Shakira And Rita Indiana

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ShakiraAfter a long, lazy weekend, we returned to our offices and found a whole lot of new music — some good, some questionable. We'll present this new music throughout the week.

Let's start with Shakira. In the last few days, she's unveiled two versions of her new song "Loca" ("Crazy"), one in English and one in Spanish.

Whenever we shine a light on artists like Shakira or Juanes, we get a handful of people complaining that they're "too pop."

Say what you will, but Shakira is responsible for some of the most influential Latin music in the last few decades.
Sure, she lost us on some of her recent work, but she's promised to return to her roots in her upcoming album Sale El Sol (The Sun Comes Out) and her new single "Loca" ("Crazy") is an interesting departure from the Shakira to whom we've become accustomed. Recorded in the Dominican Republic, it's a cover of Dominican artist El Cata's "Loca Con Su Tiguere" (roughly translated as "Crazy For Her Man").


It's interesting to hear Shakira doing a traditional merengue sound here — it's pretty classic, not even techno merengue. Audio courtesy of You Tube:


The English version of this song features UK rapper Dizzee Rascal. I grew up listening (and loving) Shakira en Español, and I think Dizzee Rascal is brilliant.
So I should love this single in English right?]
courtesy of the artist



Not so sure.

I constantly find myself caught up in the "Does Shakira sound better in Spanish?" debate. When it comes to that question, it's hard to say where the boundaries between habit and true musical value lie. We are creatures of habit, after all. With Shakira, I think I just feel more comfortable listening to her in Spanish.

Listen to the English version and tell us what you think.


Moving on (but staying in the Dominican Republic), one of our favorite rising stars, merengue techno artist Rita Indiana, has a new single out called "El Juidero" (which roughly translates to "The Exodus").

cover art for Rita Indiana's new single "El Juidero"
courtesy of the artist

Cover art for Rita Indiana's new single, "El Juidero."

We've mentioned Indiana on our show previously, and one of the things we love about her is her narrative ability. She's already an acclaimed author, which is why her songs often are like reading a wonderful short story told with rich Dominican slang.
npr.org, 08.09.10
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